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Technical Note

In listening to this CD, it is best to use equipment with a flat frequency response, so as to avoid spectral distortion. Features that alter the signal in any way, such as spatialization features, should be turned off. Compression algorithms should be avoided, in particular for the stereo illusions.  And make sure that the playback amplitude is not too high. You might need to adjust the amplitude separately for listening either through loudspeakers or through headphones. If at all possible, use headphones when these are suggested, and use loudspeakers when these are suggested. Loudspeakers should be full sized so as to ensure fidelity, particularly for the low frequency components. When listening to the stereo illusions through loudspeakers, it is best to have the speakers in front of you, and to be positioned equidistant between them, with one to your left and the other to your right. If possible, the illusions should be heard in a room with plenty of carpeting and drapes so as to avoid excessive reverberation.

Audio examples are here presented in both .WAV format and MP3 format. Those in .WAV should be used if possible, to achieve optimal fidelity. In particular, the cambiata illusion is somewhat degraded when presented in MP3 format, and this is particularly noticeable when played through stereo headphones.

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